Luxurious House Design - Trends In Australia

Oct 26, 2020

Luxurious House Design - Trends In Australia

True luxury and elegance are a reflection of class. And when it comes to your dream home, finding the perfect luxurious house design can make all the difference. So we created this piece for you if you are searching for some inspiration for luxury home designs. 

Luxury shouldn’t be only about decoration. It has to reflect on the structural and architectural design of your home. Remember, one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make is choosing a house design. That’s because it has a big influence on how you will live. Modern luxurious designs must include different sections such as open plan living areas, multi-use spaces, and even underground solutions if possible. 

Luxury Home Designs Australia – Creative Ideas For a Sophisticated house

The front and centre of our homes is the living room. This is the most publicly used room in any house, so it makes sense to channel most of your luxury home interior design and aesthetic efforts here. But other areas of your house deserve your attention as well. Bedrooms emphasize comfort and kitchens are centred on efficiency.

With all these critical factors in mind and more, check out some of the most elegant ideas to inspire your dream home design:

Walkways with staircases

There's more to modern house design than a facade. To create a truly mind-blowing visual appearance, front yards, as well as paths and walkways are of equal importance. A good idea would be to build something really incredible by creating a grass-covered staircase leading to the house. Or you can build a lit up staircase featuring a gorgeous walkway that connects to a beautiful modern entrance. You can also have your designer come up with a curved outdoor staircase that comes with a glass banister. 

staircase in luxurious house
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Glass walls

What comes to your mind when you think of huge and open walls as part of your luxury home interior design? Space and expansive luxury, right? Use glass walls to introduce space to the room. Live large and upsize everything by cleaning out a wall and getting rid of many little add-ons. 

Elevated ceiling heights

One of the marks of luxury in most new builds is natural light. And a great way to maximize the flow of natural light and make the rooms appear larger is to use floor-to-ceiling curtains or windows. But to make any space appear significantly roomier, you will need to use high ceilings. If you fancy open plan living requirements, this is a superb addition.

elevated ceiling height
Photo by Houzlook from Pexels

Open house design

Most people crave privacy and prefer to tuck themselves away from the neighbours, hence the increasing demand for bigger houses with higher walls. But an open luxurious house design counters this narrative. This type of design is usually not as big and opens the house up to the outdoors. With garden integration and glass walls, you’ve got just the right elements to make it feel larger. The result is a light-filled house that’s both inviting and highly liveable.

Two-storey living room

You're probably more familiar with luxury house plans and single story designs. But have you ever thought about making a statement with space? This is where a two-storey living room comes into the picture. It’s got everything you need when it comes to grandeur and space. This structural design allows you to use a magnificent chandelier to dress the ceiling up and emphasise height. 

Curved wall

Welcome to the age of curved walls! Yes, curves are a trend in interior and architectural design. They can fit anywhere from hallways and bathrooms to living rooms. You can start by having a horizontally curved wall designed in your living room space, as opposed to vertical curves.

Green roof luxurious house design

Sustainability and luxury go hand-in-hand, making green roofs an important element. Not only do they help the environment, but also improve the aesthetics of your house. You can also include some of your favourite veggies, herbs, and flowers, as well as an outdoor dining area if you love open-air hangouts. Although, ensure your roof top garden complies with building regulations in Australia, read more here.

Luxury kitchen layout options

When we talk about your kitchen layout, we imply how the entire arrangement affects its shape. Your work triangle is created by your kitchen's floor plan. So, when putting together the structural and architectural design of your kitchen, one of the foremost things to consider is the overall layout. For kitchens, 5 principal layouts exist, including the galley, single, U, L, and G. You’ll also come across floor plans designed to make the kitchen more efficient and spacious. But these 5 basic layouts only need the right luxury home interior design accents to become enhanced. 

You can also add a kitchen island to your preferred layout, thereby giving you access to additional counter space and expanded storage. The best part is that you can create your kitchen island in just about any shape and size. To get this done to perfection, we recommend enlisting the services of a professional kitchen designer. 

Luxurious kitchen with an Island Bench
Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

Install a smart home system

No matter what structural design you decide to implement, no house can reach the peak of luxury without a smart home system. This is the age of AI and all you need are the best smart home devices to make living feel more like a luxury.

A smart home system lets you accomplish tasks like cleaning your house, locking your doors remotely, streaming music, turning the lights on using your smartphone, etc. Smart home devices also help to cut down on running costs and can immediately notify you during an emergency. Install impressive smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings Hub.

House extension Australia is also a hot topic for Aussies right now. But finding the best house extension ideas in Australia can be very overwhelming. If you’re contemplating this, here’s some home extension inspiration for you.

Bring your luxurious house design to life!

When erecting a new build, the freedom to decide how you want your home to look can be exciting. You get the opportunity to reflect your sense of style in the design. Giving your new home the best possible interior and exterior feel improves its value in the long run. 

Get in touch with a professional architect in Brisbane who can help make all your dream features come alive. From open-plan areas to living room architecture, a good builder can help you decide the perfect luxurious house design. 

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