Pool Houses

Adding a stylish Pool House

Invoking the feeling of a luxurious vacation villa.

Modern interior design has developed into a multi-million dollar industry, adding not only style and character but also personality into the family home. So why stop there? Modern exterior design extends much further than the facade of the home. A well planned out garden with a pool house, where landscape and pool house features meet the waters edge can make a stunning impact. Things to consider when building a Pool House are:

  • Timber quality (for decking).
  • Pool size and layout.
  • Lighting features.
  • Garden maintenance.
  • Colour Scheme (Timber/Tile/Concrete and or Garden/Flora).
  • Building regulations in QLD

A Family-Friendly Pool House Enclosure

Keeping children safe and entertained for peace of mind

One of the biggest motivators for families to invest in their outdoor patio or entertaining area is to create a family-friendly environment. Also, safety is paramount when it comes to small children and having an area that can keep the kids entertained AND safe is a definitive reason for building a pool patio. Some things to consider when building an entertaining area are:

  • Size of the Pool and/or Pool house.
  • Style of safety barriers.¬†
  • Steps and/or ledges (eliminating the risk of a fall).
  • Visibility (from other areas in the house).
  • Privacy (from neighbors and/or public streets).

Building a Pool House with Blueneer

Transforming your outdoor area is supposed to be a blessing, not a burden. Relax with style and get protection from the elements. Add class to your outdoor areas and spend more time outside. From kitchen renovations to bathroom renovations, outdoor decks, pergolas, and more, we do it all. Blueneer Custom Homes are on time and on budget for your next pool house and outdoor entertaining area.

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