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Home Renovations in Brisbane start with Blueneer.

With 30 years of collective experience between Daniel and Josh, your renovation project is in safe hands. To demonstrate, we are going to walk you through our process so you can feel comfortable engaging the Blueneer Custom Home team for your next home renovation in Brisbane.

Planning stages of a home renovation

Whether this is a spark of a new idea, or something you have planned for some time. The first thing the Blueneer team recommends is getting your preliminary paperwork together. Planning a renovation to a fine detail is what the Blueneer team does best. Therefore, if you are yet to begin your preliminary paperwork, simply fill in our short questionnaire. Then, one of our construction managers will arrange to sit down with you and flesh out your renovation ideas. Furthermore, we can recommend trustworthy and professional architects, draftsman and building designers. All to ensure your home renovation in Brisbane is timeless and high class. 

Quality building materials for home renovations

Did you know that sourcing quality building materials for home renovations in Brisbane can make or break your renovation project? This is because of the style of the post war home renovation that is typical in Brisbane and Queensland. However, being Queenslanders for over 30 years and also during our professional careers in construction. The Bluenner team has solid relationships with good quality suppliers and manufacturers. In some cases, homeowners may opt for imported materials. In this case, we use our experience to help you navigate the best choice for your renovation ideas. 

Workmanship guarantee for all our home renovations

One of the differences Blueneer Custom Homes provides is our workmanship guarantee for all our home renovations across Brisbane. Naturally, all building works must pass Australian building standards and renovation builders are required to hold a current building licence. Fortunately, Blueneer Custom Homes possess all the required licenses, insurance and documentation. We ensure your peace of mind when selecting a builder for your next home renovation in Brisbane. Not only this, we carefully check our paperwork with yours and clearly discuss the timeline of the project. Furthermore, our terms are fair and provide transparency for all parties involved. Whether your home renovation is in Brisbane North, or your planning a home renovation in Brisbane Southside, we are ready to discuss your project needs.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Transforming your space is supposed to be a blessing, not a burden. Our renovation builders in Brisbane make sure you can focus on the excitement of home or kitchen renovations, while we worry about making sure everything goes according to plan. From kitchen renovations to bathroom renovations, outdoor decks, pergolas, and more, we do it all. Blueneer Custom Homes are on time and on budget for your next house renovation plan.

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