House Extension Ideas Australia

Oct 5, 2020

House extension ideas in Australia is quite the hot topic at the moment. Especially, since the home builder renovation incentives of 2020!

We know that manufacturing capital growth can be achieved through a well planned house extension.

However, finding the best house extension ideas in Australia can be an exhaustive task as there are many factors to consider. For instance, the nature of the renovation style relative to its location is very important. We can draw inspiration from international trends, but this also needs to be practical.

In this article, we will uncover some of the most interesting house extension ideas in Australia - and borrow some international ideas to give a 'unique' flavour that should make your property stand out from others in your street.

Small House Extension Ideas

Even if you have a small budget or little room space, you can still boost the value and space of your home. Check out some small house extension ideas below that can help you make a big impact:

An Orangery

Looking to create that perfect balance between a conservatory and an extension? Add an orangery. An orangery or orangerie was a room or a dedicated building on the grounds of fashionable residences from the 17th to the 19th centuries where orange and other fruit trees were protected during the winter, as a very large form of greenhouse or conservatory. We can achieve a modern version of this by playing with natural light.

Letting In Light

Create a mix of solid roof and solid walls with a glazed roof lantern.  A great way to open up a room is to construct a pitched roof with skylights to let in natural light and to see the stars of an evening. Traditionally an orangery is protected from the cold elements but how about a cool enclosed entertaining space for the hotter climates. This includes a sleek aluminum screen with a see through mesh that shields you from all the nasty bugs and animals.

Add a porch opening and create space

Does your front door open straight up into your living room? With some bi-folding doors and a seamless transition from inside to out you will have the ultimate combined entertaining space.

front house extension
Front house extension for an Old Queenslander

Add a bay window extension

This is not typically an Australian thing to do. However, it would work if it suited the style of the building.

Also, this doesn’t require any additional foundations. By cantilevering a projecting bay window extension on existing structure brackets, you can enlarge a room. Get extra light into the room by installing windows on three sides to enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Alternatively, add a Mudroom

Adding a practical mudroom can provide an aesthetic and emotional transition into the house itself. Especially with historic homestead style architecture. Usually, located at the front or side entry of your home, the mudroom pairs plenty of storage space with a practical concrete sink.

Under house transformations

Utilise your space with an under house renovation or garage conversion. For those dark areas add more light by introducing a small glazed extension. This should make it look lighter and larger. This simple addition doesn’t need more than a modest scale. You’ll love it even more if it opens onto a sunken courtyard that comes with stairs that lead up to your garden. 

Create a Study Nook

If you have a spare and unused space in your home, consider adding a clever study nook that takes up minimal space. In this nature-inspired Riverview home the space under the stairs was the perfect location to add this striking hallway study nook.

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Rear House Extension Ideas

This section of house extension ideas should interest you if you would like to add more value to your property. The rear of your home can also come in handy if you need more room when you start running out of space. Consider some inspirational rear extension ideas:

Bring the outside in

Connecting your outdoor area and living room using open-plan living areas is a creative extension idea. Such an open-plan area that opens right onto your outdoor living area has become popular. For the perfect entertaining setup, build an undercover alfresco dining area that makes your kitchen easily accessible. 

Add a separate studio residence

For those who want extra space for accommodating guests or something like a separate office, adding a separate studio (aka the Luxury Granny flat) in the backyard sounds superb. Across Australian backyards, there’s now a trend of granny flats popping up. So, it makes sense to create a separate studio space, especially now that flexible working arrangements are becoming the norm. 

Keep it simple - A luxury granny flat design.

Dig into the basement

In this case, you have to dig out a basement but it's worth the time and effort. You should free up some space, making it easy to install an impressive big kitchen. Or you can choose to have a large cinema room created. Basements make it possible to add more space to extensions. 

Transformative house extension ideas

Most people tend to go with the conventional style of having their extension match the existing architectural style. But who says your extension can’t have its own unique design? Transformative rear extensions allow you to incorporate a contemporary house style to your home.

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Modern House Extension Ideas

Traditional homes are nice. But guess what's even cooler? A modern house extension! When an extension is designed so well that it offers modern comforts and extra space, it can be a positive, life-enhancing experience. These standouts below should provide enough inspiration if you seek modern house extension ideas Australia:

Create a parents’ retreat

It’s okay to get yourself a new master bedroom. But you get so much more luxury by adding a parents' retreat. A good idea would be to build it as a rear extension. Check to see if you got enough space and then you can make sure your design includes walk-in wardrobes. Don't forget to create enough room to accommodate a sofa or an armchair in your bedroom and that's all you need to embark on the ultimate adult’s hideaway.

Add a bathroom

We know that discussions about extensions do not include an extra bathroom sometimes. You already know that an extra bathroom can boost your home's resale value but that's not all. Think how smoother life will become for your large family if you have another bathroom too. 

Build a garden room

It's possible to design outbuildings of varying styles. You can then use it as an extra living room, an in-house gym, or a separate garden office. 

Some more Queenslander Extension Ideas

Most of the time, Queenslanders lack sufficient height to make the lower floor space useful. They usually fail to meet the building standards and requirements for height. But that doesn’t mean your Queenslander extension dreams can’t become a reality.

You can still use the low height underfloor spaces to create extra storage compartments. They can also help supply extra space in car parking and cellars. And you can do all of that without incurring the costs of rectification and excavation which can be unpredictable.

Extension renovation underneath the house

But if you have the budget and crave some extra space, you can raise the home and build underneath it within the existing footprint. Try building a pavilion extension instead if you have sufficient land size. With that, you can create a modern house extension and get it in sync with your dream garden. 

What's your House Extension Idea?

We can help you figure out more house extension ideas Australia. We can also create your perfect dream extension. Contact Blueneer Custom Homes today for intelligent, smart, and cost-effective solutions and let’s get started on your dream home extension no matter where you are.

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