New Home Construction

New Home Construction in Brisbane

Building a home can be stressful - there’s so much to take into account. Thankfully, we’ve worked on hundreds of new builds, meaning we know what to do and what to avoid. We’ll educate you from the get-go and make sure you’re a key part of the project. It is your home, after all. With your ideas, our building designers can make magic happen for your approval.

A home unlike any other.

We, at Blueneer, have been in the building industry for over 18 years.

Our experience building new residential homes began as young carpenters in 2005. Fast forward to 2023 and our professional experience has extended from the single-story new build home in Brisbane to large scale million-dollar commercial establishments over the east coast of Australia. 

Getting your new home built should be an exciting project but finding an experienced builder can be a challenge. Blueneer Custom Homes is an expert builder servicing Brisbane and surrounding areas. We've taken on local clients and transformed their dreams into reality by designing and building new homes that meet their needs. 

At Blueneer, we strive to ensure we deliver perfect homes within your budget. From end-to-end, we create stress-free experiences by keeping you in the loop and being upfront about the key details of your project. Keeping you updated throughout with our interactive client management platform.

Our knowledge of Brisbane and the entire east coast gives us an edge. We design and modify homes that are compatible with the climatic profile of this area. Finding an expert new build homes Brisbane contractor that handles everything from start to finish is a dream come true. We, at Blueneer, will take care of every phase of your project from concept, design, and planning to construction and handover. 

We've built a reputation as one of the most reliable local professional builders because we focus on delivering exceptional results. When you hire our experienced team to build your new home, rest assured you’ll have the best hands working round the clock just for you. We are a boutique builder that delivers a personal experience. Moreover, you will see the builder onsite more than anyone else during your build. 

House and Land Packages Brisbane

Blueneer has you covered from end-to-end. Do you have your own land? Then bring us in to take a look. And if you already have a block in mind, our team of engineers will pay you a site visit to determine if your design goals are compatible.

We can also help source your land as we’ve established connections with major reputable developers. If you need some assistance, we can find premium blocks that meet your needs within your budget. Not only will we deliver your new home on schedule, but we’ll also maintain open communication with you throughout the project. 

Before handing your new home over to you, we initiate independent inspection to ensure that every aspect of the build meets the best standards. We've got you covered even if you own your block already or need land and a house. 

Custom Home Designs Brisbane

If you have a block for your next project already, we have a range of plans and design options. As prestige home builders, we are confident you will find one that matches your expectations. We will come to your block and perform a comprehensive site assessment to determine the best design. Get in touch with us to find out more about our customisable home designs.

custom house design
Custom houses by our designers

Relax While We Source Your Land and Hand You Your Keys

We can help you find a block. Blueneer Custom Homes offers full turnkey house and land options to clients in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We know the challenge that comes with finding that perfect block of land for your new build home. Tell us what you need, and we will help you search for land that is ready for construction. With our network of leading land developers in Australia, we have access to a wide range of perfect blocks for home construction. Blueneer can help you secure one in Brisbane and surrounds that meets your design goals without ripping your budget apart.

Knockdowns & New Construction Homes Near Me?

If you like your current location but dislike your current home, no worries. With our knockdown new build option, you have a solution. Rebuilding a new home after knocking down the old one is a great option that allows you to get the best from your location and block. 

Blueneer Custom Homes will handle the entire process via our knockdown and rebuild service. Our new home builders will explain all you need to know about your project including the benefits and requirements. We will also help you choose a design that is perfect for your new home. Then, we will demolish and build on schedule.

Prestige Homes In Queensland

Sometimes we hear of people who get turned away if a builder cannot properly scope a complicated construction home project. This usually happens if you have a block of land with an odd shape, tight access, or steep slope. 

At Blueneer Custom Homes, our story is different. No matter what your block looks like, our experienced team can build your dream home. We offer both single and double-story new home designs for construction house, ensuring that we have a solution that fits your space's specifications.

1. Our Process

We, at Blueneer, continue to refine our working process because we want to create leading customer experiences. Our objective is to remain an industry leader in the entire Brisbane area by delivering perfect homes. We are reputable builders renowned for exceptional customer service and attention to detail. Here's what to expect when you work with us:

2. Consult, Plan, Design

Blueneer's new home consultants help Brisbane locals bring their dream homes to life. We've been at this for more than 15 years and have delivered hundreds of projects within that time. When you work with us, you'll benefit from our exceptional consultation, planning, and designing phases. In addition, we can connect you with expert interior designers to help you choose the best options for your lifestyle and loved ones.

custom interior design for new construction home
We help you visualise your design with our architects and designers

3. Build

We believe the process of building your new home should be exciting. By partnering with Blueneer Custom Homes, you put your construction project in capable hands. Rest assured you’ll have the best planners, designers, and builders in Brisbane at your disposal working diligently. From concept to completion, we ensure you stay informed and help you manage the everyday challenges that come with new build homes Brisbane. Building homes that exceed client expectations is a priority for us because we care. Join an ever-growing list of satisfied clients when you contract us to handle your new build. 

4. Handover & Warranty

On completing your new build, we carry out an independent inspection to make sure every aspect of your home meets defined standards. We are confident about the results we deliver and back our work with a builders' warranty. And even if challenges arise in the future, we will be there to help you. All projects delivered by our team are our responsibility, and we get all issues resolved in record time. Our work culture is built on customer satisfaction. We’ve set the bar high when it comes to customer service and work culture for professional new home builders Brisbane. 

5. Our Promise

When you work with Blueneer Custom Homes, you enjoy our core customer promise. Our guarantee of quality and satisfaction revolves around 4 core principles:

6. Communication

Maintaining open communication is the foundation of successful professional relationships. We will keep you informed at every stage of your project, from concept to completion. For as long as your project runs, we make sure a clear communication path exists between you and us. 

7. Integrity

We are Blueneer, keep our word! We believe in integrity and make sure our customers can see how their build progresses. Our well-thought-out working system allows you to keep track of every single phase of your project. We also welcome feedback at any point in time.

8. Collaboration

Taking a building from start to finish is no walk in the park. The success of new home construction requires that all hands be on deck. Therefore, we recognise the role of collaboration as vital to achieving excellent results. By focusing on your new build as a collaborative project, we have a better chance of maximising your experience.

9. Quality Assurance

For individuals and families alike, one of the most crucial investments you will ever make is building your home. You can't afford to go wrong with this. That's why finding and working with a reputable builder that understands and has a commitment to quality is important. At Blueneer Custom Homes, we never try to cut corners. We vet all our suppliers and inspect all building products to ensure they meet the right standards. 

a custom home with barbecue and outdoor patio
We went the extra mile to create this beautiful custom barbecue area

Blueneer Custom Homes: Projecting the Australian Dream Through New Build Homes

We don’t just build new homes. Our buildings reflect the spirit of the Australian people. Large spaces and rooms, family hangout spots, master suites the size you get at resorts, and more. We pride ourselves in creating family residential havens built in Queensland.

At Blueneer Custom Homes, we are different, period!

All you have to do is dream and allow us to bring your imagination to life. We are a leading new build homes Brisbane company delivering well-designed homes in the entire east coast. We take your budget into consideration without compromising on your lifestyle needs. 

Get in touch with us today to speak to a professional. Then, we’ll set up a zero-obligation consultation to discuss your next building project.

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