Kitchen Renovations - 3 things you must consider!

May 12, 2020

Creating your vision - Step 1

The process of a kitchen renovation begins with inspiration. To begin drawing inspiration for your ideal kitchen, start searching through Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Here, you can find out what style you gravitate towards. You can also visit your local display centers to see what a complete kitchen looks like. Moreover, if you're lucky, when you visit a kitchen display center you can pick up some sample materials to take home and put against your existing kitchen. Samples and colour cards are a great way to get those creative juices flowing.

Perhaps you are not trying to build an award winning kitchen you are going to take elements of your favourite million dollar home and fit it into your budget. If you don't know where to start, look at the style of your home, try to match elements from your home's current design. If you are going to renovate the rest of the house at a later date, make sure the theme will carry through. What you pick for your kitchen should carry on through to your bathrooms, bedrooms etc. (Link to Pinterest, instagram).

Kitchen Renovation inspiration
Kitchen renovation inspiration

Kitchen Renovation Budget - Step 2

You need to consider how much you can spend comfortably +10% for contingencies. Especially, if you're not locked into a total kitchen price or contract with your builder. Benchtops, stoves, and cabinatary come in a wide range of quality and price. Therefore, it's a good idea for you to decide what is a must for you and what you can leave as is (or opt for a cheaper option). A full kitchen remodel will bring life to the heart of your home and inturn increase your properties value. An experienced builder is going to ensure that all trades are moved through the job seamlessly. As well as making sure all materials are ordered and readily available without delay. Of course, the most valuable aspect of using a builder is that they will guarantee the workmanship.  

If your kitchen renovation is a small makeover and you feel comfortable taking this on yourself, there are many options for you to make a big difference. For instance, look up storage ideas on pinterest. You can look at changing the lighting, benchtops and appliances. Explore the idea of changing your splashback or replacing your cupboard doors. This can all be done with using minimal tradespersons.

Planning your kitchen renovation - Step 3

Up to now, you have your vision, and you know your kitchen renovation budget. Now, it's time to start planning what colours, cabinetry, bench tops and appliances you want to use. Importantly, if you have a builder, at this stage they will help plan your budget. Because cabinetry, benchtops, appliances can come in a varying range of quality and price, you can usually make some compromises and still have your vision a reality. Next, you can start to plan the layout of your kitchen. Think practicality, think concealed storage. Does it flow with the surrounding spaces? There may be certain parts of the kitchen that can stay as is. Therefore, take time to plan ahead before you attack your old kitchen with a sledge hammer. 

A popular kitchen idea is the island bench with a breakfast bar (if the space allows it). This becomes a practical space for cooking, eating, and supervising the kids while in the kitchen. And, it looks fantastic! Once more, it is popular to have all of your appliances concealed in clever storage. This allows your bench tops to be free of clutter. Another aesthetically pleasing feature is using a bulkhead in the ceiling following your bench top. Another kitchen idea is using a dropped pendant light that matches the colour of your tapware. These are great hero pieces that will bring your kitchen to life.

Kitchen benchtop
Kitchen benchtop choices

Kitchen Materials

Next on the list is sorting out the logistics and materials. Is your family going to be at home during the kitchen renovation? With this area out of action, what is your plan to get daily chores in the kitchen complete? If you're using a trusted builder, they will provide a schedule from start to finish. Therefore, you can plan your family's movements around that. 

If you're going to renovate the kitchen DIY it's important to have every step chronologically listed. This important step is so you can book in each trade accordingly. Also, you must have all the materials onsite readily available for the next trade to come in. If you organise materials and trades as you go, your renovation will take at least 3 times longer than you have planned. This is usually because of delays on deliveries and the resulting trades will not be able to turn up on short notice.  

In summary

With these 3 steps considered and planned, you are ready to start your kitchen renovation. Be sure to be honest with what you can do yourself and what should be left for the pro’s. For some friendly no obligation advice do not hesitate to contact Blueneer Custom Homes. We are happy to point you in the right direction.

Kitchen renovation graphic

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