Find a builder - The 7 must-know steps to finding a pro builder

Jan 21, 2020

When you find a builder, does it feel right?

This is one of the "trust your gut" moments. From the get go your first impression counts. When you are trying to find a builder you need to feel comfortable when you meet them. You are committing a large amount of your money and you are going to be spending a lot of time in close proximity to the builder. Therefore, it is imperative that they are the right fit for you from the very beginning. Some of the things to consider could be: Are they well presented? Did they show up on time? Is their business systemised and run professionally?  Or, did you get the feeling they were more fly-by-the-seat-of-their -pants style builder? Keep an eye out for anything that indicates an unprofessional leader or team.

Who else from their team have you met?

When trying to find a builder, ask about their team. Who will you be dealing for the duration of the contract? Who else will be onsite? How much interaction will the owner or principal have with this project? All team members of the building company should mirror the professionalism of the builder and/or director. If the director is not able to be onsite, you need to know the person in charge of your build is fully capable of fulfilling the builder’s promise to you.

Quality Builders. Are they as good as they say they are? 

This all comes back to systems. What system does your builder have in place to ensure you get the quality build you desire? There should be in-house quality control measures for every step of your build. You don't want to simply pass the QBCC standards or tolerances. You want each trade to be a cut above the rest so to speak. 

Some questions to ask when trying to find a builder -  Do they have good long-lasting relationships with their contractors? A lot of building companies cycle through their contractors and are constantly testing out new tradesmen. This is not good, this means they are not hiring quality to begin with. You do not want a new trade contractor on your build. Perhaps you can ask, who are their finishing trades (the carpenters, painters, plasterers)? You can even take a look at their work via their social media.

Do you get help with your selections?

Understand the builder’s process in choosing your selections. How do they help? What sort of relationships do they have with suppliers? Who on their team will guide you through the process? Choosing your selections can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Therefore, finding a builder that has a great process for selection and/or a selection team can save you lots of time and money.

Variations. A must know when finding a builder!

Variations are common during a build. However, you don't want any nasty surprises that can blow your budget. The builder will quote from a set of plans and anything that deviates from that plan will be charged to you. The best way to minimise variations is to choose a credible draftsman or architect. One of the biggest pitfalls of a build is when the client chooses a cheap draftsman over a professional draftsman or architect. Which ultimately, almost always end up costing more in the end. If you don't already have a set of plans from a quality draftsman, ask your builder if they have someone in-house that you can talk to. Or, perhaps a recommendation. A thorough meeting with an architect and your builder together prior to work commencing is an absolutely essential step. Moreover, this is a good way to ensure you get your dream home without any unnecessary upsets. 

In Summary, finding a quality builder can seem like a daunting task. Especially, when you are committing such a large financial transaction. However, it does not need to be. Here at Blueneer, we live by these principles and commit to upholding above and beyond industry-standard practices. Also, look to some of the best independent sources of information such as those found at real estate sites such as

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