Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane: Don't Botch it!

Apr 17, 2020

Design and planning of your Bathroom Renovation in Brisbane

It is apparent now, that we have more inspiration than ever to choose from when considering the latest bathroom design. Proof of this is evident through the traditional design magazines. But more often than not it is the Bathroom inspirations boards through Social Media apps like Pinterest. There are so many new trends, colours, new patterns right out our fingertips, which is great! However, before you turn those bathroom ideas into the trendiest bathroom in the street you should be considering a few things. Namely, you don't want to combine too many of these ideas and cram them into a new bathroom just because you can. The following will give you some insight into what good bathroom renovations look like in Brisbane.

What do you want out of your bathroom renovation? 

Is it to add value to later sell your house? If so, what type of home do you live in? Fore example, a pre-1960s weatherboard home may suit a Victorian style bathroom or perhaps a hamptons style bathroom. Whereas, a new brick built home may suit a more modern contemporary bathroom. Therefore, choose a style that fits your home then create a vision board (whether it be virtual or real). You can then play around with colours, patterns and feature items. 

A bathroom renovation design consists of the following categories: Colour, light, texture, patterns, materials and space. Trying to include all of these elements can be a daunting task. This is why architects are paid good money to achieve the perfect result. If return on investment is a consideration for your bathroom renovation, particularly in Brisbane. An architect will be a worthwhile choice.

Budget Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane?

When you are on a tight budget, first, choose practicality with the space that you have.  Then, focus on making 1-2 of the other categories your hero pieces. Indeed, this keeps the bathroom design clean and simple, and good design is often class through simplicity. 

Remember, you're giving your existing bathroom a new set of clothes, so to speak. It is important to keep in mind the bathroom style must suit the rest of your home. Of course, for your own pleasure and that of the potential buyer. If your floor plan remains the same you should be able to keep your bathroom renovation costs to a minimum. And more importantly, all the QBCC guidelines remain adhered to.

If your bathroom renovation budget has more wriggle room then it's much easier to achieve your dream bathroom. By the same token you still want it to make sense. You still need to put together bathroom design ideas on a vision board. However now, you can now look at including professional services such as a builder, interior designer or architect.  We should emphasise that having these two professions working as a collaboration is really beneficial. Whether you are moving walls to create a bigger bathroom area, or reconfiguring services, or creating openings for natural light. Having an interior designer's input on colours and textures, will illustrate the pros and cons. And your builder can advise you about the cons. Ultimately, this is the best way to have that award winning bathroom design.

Materials to use for Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane

Are you deciding on DIY Bathroom renovation? Here are a few things to consider. 

Have you made a comprehensive list of all materials and accessories needed to complete your bathroom start to finish? If yes, put these items on order and have them onsite before you start. The flow of the job depends on the materials being readily available. 

Have you organised the necessary trades to coincide with the work you are going to be doing yourself? We recommend at the very least you will need:

  • A plumber to rough-in or alter existing services,
  • An electrician to rewire your desired lights, fans, power points, 
  • An experienced water proofer,
  • A good tiler that understands the importance of having the correct falls in your bathroom and shower space. 

These are trades that are easy to find but it can become very costly if they are not experienced. Unfortunately, a poorly designed leaky bathroom is all too common. This is usually because the most simple measures have not been taken. Where is your bathroom located? Will the day to day living of your family be affected by this? Is there foot traffic through or near the workspace? How much time have you allocated for the blockage?

Getting the professional bathroom renovators in?

Sometimes it will make more sense to hire a builder who can take care of the planning and the risk. At the same time you can keep earning your own professional income. Moreover, taking the liability from yourself and your family can save you considerably later down the road. Importantly,  the builder is liable for the entire bathroom renovation space for 7 years.

It is advisable to do a full costing spreadsheet on the desired job outcome. Also, be honest with what you can do well and what you can not. Be sure to add your lost time as a cost of the bathroom renovation. Moreover, if you are hesitant with your skill set, then talk to a builder that specialises in bathroom renovations in Brisbane. It is ok to share your budget, as a reputable building company will advise you straight away if it's achievable. If it is not they will provide you with alternative options. Some people may be hesitant to share this information, however, keep in mind that your clientele is their livelihood. A reputable building company will always work hard to uphold that reputation and ultimately deliver your dream bathroom renovation.

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